Stone Seats

If you would like to order a seat as seen at Arcadian Artists and Galston Markets please see below for options for legs and seat tops, then complete an order.

Options: Seat Legs
1. Smooth:      +$ 80

2. Rockfaced: +$ 80

3. Curved:      +$150


Options: Seat Top
A. Rockfaced Straight Seat:          +$50

B. Rockfaced Curved Seat:          +$100

C. Bullnosed Straight Seat:           +$90

D. Bullnosed Curved Seat:           +$180

E. Half Bullnosed Straight Seat:    +$50

F. Half Bullnosed Curved Seat:     +$135

To order fill in this form

Stone for the seats is $210 per seat and is additional to the above amounts.  All amounts are excluding GST.

Seats will take approximately 2 weeks and a deposit of $200 will be required before order will be started.
If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.