Local Stonemason claims prize for Centenary Institute

Posted on April 1, 2009 in news

Local Stonemason claims prize for Centenary Institute
Centenary Institute – Research for Life

This past month, Centenary Institute supporter Karl van Middeldyk claimed second place at the Mosman Festival of Sculpture for his sandstone carving entitled Unlocking the Links.

The sculpture is a tribute to the life-saving research on genetic heart disease being done at the Centenary Institute’s Agnes Ginges Centre for Molecular Cardiology.

In 2006 van Middeldyk’s 19-year-old brother Heath died from what scientists believe to have been a genetic disorder causing sudden cardiac arrest.

Each week as many as ten young Australians die suddenly from a genetic heart disease. Before 1990 very little was known about gene faults which cause heart disease.

DonateButOnWhiteResearch conducted by Professor Chris Semsarian and the Molecular Cardiology group at the Centenary have helped to shed light on this terrible disease.

Today, scientists have identified more than 40 genetic defects that can cause sudden death. But there is still a lot of work to be done in putting end to sudden death.

The chains and keyless lock represented in van Middeldyk’s sculpture symbolize the challenge for researchers to unlock the causes of sudden death.

van Middeldyk generously donated his prize winnings and the sculpture to the Centenary Institute. The stonemason said he hoped that the gift would “create a ripple effect of giving, inspiring people to give as they are able to help others.”

Executive Director Professor Mathew Vadas says, We are delighted to receive such a meaningful piece of artwork. We have proudly displayed this work of art at our reception where researchers and visitors alike can be inspired by its evocative symbolism. The piece speaks to the work we do at Centenary and to the goals we want to achieve in combating the world’s most devastating diseases.”

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